Our mining expertise, in-depth knowledge of the industry and partnership with global companies allows us to develop and manufacture products of uncompromising reliability and quality.

        We can help you maximise safety and reduce costs with the worlds most advanced range of ground control and strata management technology solutions.

        Our product range:

        • Mechanical Telltales
          The ultimate low-cost, easy-to-install mine and tunnel roof safety monitoring device
        • Remote Reading Telltales
          Electronic telltale system for up to 400 instruments providing a low-cost mine-wide strata-monitoring solution
        • Auto-Warning Telltale
          Highly visible, low-cost warning system for monitoring movement occurring in rock-bolted tunnels or roadways
        • Real Time Convergence Poles
          Additional to roof and rib telltale monitoring, a real time convergence pole with a 1.5mtr range
        • Sonic Extensometers
          A flexible sonic probe meter for detailed measurement of ground movement in mine and tunnel excavations
        • Instrumented Rockbolts
          Rugged and robust instrumented rockbolts with the option of multiple strain gauge pairs
        • Strain Gauges (read remotely or manually)
          A rugged construction unit designed to read and record data from multiple strain gauges
        • Borehole and Pressure Pad Stress Cells (read remotely or manually)
        • Portable Borehole Inspection Camera’s
          State-of-the-art camera technology for the borehole inspection and data logging
        • FRAS rated Geogrid Plastic Mesh
          Available from 15-100mm aperture in strengths up to 50kn. Any sizes sheets or rolls up to 6mtrs in width
        • Resin Coated Steel Mesh
          For acidic and corrosive environments resin coated steel mesh provides a long term support solution
        • Crawford Safety Boots
        • CSG Air Pump Controller
        • UIS Gas Borehole Intersection Kits
        • Hydraulic Safety Screens
          Custom made to cover longwall and development components to prevent fluid injection to workers in the event of a hydraulic failure

        For further information on our products or to place an order please Contact Us today.


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